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Magical Toy Aussies

Raising Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds

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Magical Toy Aussies is a small breeder of quality Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds. They are raised with love on our farm and in our home. We have sizes ranging from Teacup (under 10 in.) Aussies, to Toy (under 14 in.) Aussies, and Small Mini (14 - 15 in.) Aussies. We have Aussies in all approved colors, red and blue merles, red and black tri's and some blue eyed tri's occasionally.

 We guarantee a happy, healthy, and well socialized puppy. Each and every puppy will be examined by our veterinarian before being purchased, and come with a puppy care package.

Puppy Culture can shape your puppies future. Puppy Culture breeders lay the foundation for emotional stability and learning. Puppy Culture explores in detail the critical early periods of development that each puppy goes through as well as what you can do to increase your odds of raising a happy, socially successful, and trainable dog. 

We really love all of our dogs and take the very best care of them. We hope that you will take the very best care of your new puppy

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