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 Lucy is a 3 year old Australian Shepard Cattle Dog (Texas Heeler).

Her birthday is August 20th. Lucy may be high energy at times, but she has her lazy moments. She is loving, a snuggle bug, and plays rough. Her favorite thing to do is run. She is excellent around small children as she has nanny traits. She does do well with other dogs, but tends to be dominant and is the leader on what activities they are doing next. She is fixed. Lucy knows how to sit, stay, and give lots of kisses. She does get jealous when your attention is on anybody else, but who doesn’t! Lucy has been in our family ever since she was a small pup and has been one the of the best dogs we have owned. This has not ben an easy decision for us to make, but she deserves to be with a family that will give her all their attention and has lots of land for her to run. She truly is the sweetest dog and anyone would be very lucky to have her added to their family.

Located in Webster, New York

I am listing this dog for a friend please contact Lexi at:  or  (910) 459-3893

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